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I said I’d be back 🙂

These are some of the wooden items that are making it onto my “wood board” – for the particular Lilla Rogers Make Art That Sells course that I’m doing, which has five substrates to do things for. First up, a wooden mask clock. I invented it in Procreate on the iPad with an Apple Pencil and transferred it to Photoshop.

mask for blog

The craft of mask making in Africa is apparently dying out.

The next one, and possibly my favourite, is a box. I think the box would have to be painted and textured and/or distressed (this is only a mock-up) and then the art is applied in decals. It could be hand painted but that would make it more expensive. I used a Rotring Artpen to draw the outlines of the flowers and rendered them in Photoshop with a Grut brush called (oddly!) Ol Butter Bits.

wooden box flowers

The colour palette is similar across all five substrates in the course.

And finally for now, this is a tray with a rectangular applied piece of artwork. The vague pattern was done originally in watercolour scribble (if you can scribble with a size 8 brush!) with an added digital “running stitch” from a brush I made. The flowers were done in pastels. I like reusing artwork!

Screen Shot 2018-07-30 at 18.54.52

Only a rough screenshot – needs tidying up considerably.

This is the palette, by the way.

Screen Shot 2018-07-30 at 18.57.55

The 2nd and 5th from the left are to be used “sparingly”! Plus black is OK.

I hope you liked seeing these. Have a good week!


I have used Faber Castell Pitt pens for the last few years for ink work, plus more recently  two Rotring ArtPens: fine and extra fine. I’m really pleased with all of them. For illustration now, I’m wanting to use a dip pen too. So I fished out my old set of calligraphy nibs and a holder that uses a reservoir, and they still work fine. I just need to locate my W&N indelible ink to go with them. I have Quink black and Dr Ph Martin’s Hydrus black watercolour ink but I don’t always want the ink to be movable (the ArtPens use soluble ink).

The nibs were in a balsa wood box my cousin made for me for a birthday when both he and I were pre-teens! I treasure this. I’m also amazed it’s still in one piece. Balsa is a quite lightweight wood.

balsa box

My latest acquisition arrived from Japan this week – a Platinum Carbon black pen with some non-soluble ink cartridges. Plus a green tea bag. Plus a tortoise paperclip, both of which the retailer threw in as a good will offering, it seems!

tortoise paper clip

Isn’t that sweet? I didn’t use the green tea bag because it was depositing green dust all over me and I didn’t want to imbibe dust.

Here is my set of pens. I aim to get good use out of them.


I did the man with the new Carbon Platinum one (the one at the bottom of the picture)  – it makes my eyes wink and frown it’s so fine. But it’s superb to use. Hope you like the man!

teardrop man