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I really believe in the benefits of drawing something every day. I always start with a proper sketch, which I upload to a sketching thread on ArtTutor, or sometimes maybe a few thumbnails for an illustration I’m planning to make. I try to fit in some writing too – and that’s all before breakfast!

But at Christmas, a friend gave me a Moleskine Accordion notebook:


I’d never had one before but have many times followed Lynn Chapman’s adventures  as a resident artist doing similar things (with greater skill haha!).

So I set about it, documenting bits of my life every few days or when I felt like it. And today I got to the end of the second side. (You work through it one way, then it sort of folds over and you work your way on the reverse until you get to the cover again.)

It has been such a fun journey. Here is one of my spreads from a month or so ago.FullSizeRender 8

I might have to buy another, but then I also need a few other things, like, um, food! Although art does tend to become all-consuming 🙂

In truth, I am a foiled children’s book illustrator. Not that it’s important. In the current climate, we stand little chance of being published whether we write the books or illustrate them. But it eats away at my soul. I keep wondering if I can bribe St Peter to let me try again with a different career before throwing in the towel and fixing on my wings.

Justin Cook at Folio Academy

Anyway, while I should have been sorting the order of scenes in my new YA novel, I have spent the morning faffing with Adobe Illustrator (a particular tool is defeating me). But it all started with, which has recently been set up to sell art vids to people like me who are amateur and wish to improve. The one in question was the one on Digital Inking and Colouring by Justin Cook. Well it is bank holiday. I’m entitled to a little play, surely. And I’ve had a great time. I have collected seven of their tutorials – many of which are by the lovely Will Terry,  and they’re well worth the small outlay.

Will Terry video

But now, without a moment’s backward glance at the career that might have beckoned, I’m opening up Scrivener to continue writing. Four more days (at least) of relative freedom mean I can get on in peace and try to achieve something in this life – never mind a second life, which may or may not be on offer.

If you’ve written your quota today, go have a peek at Folio Academy and be tempted.