epblog meI have always been besotted with words and how they can be used in various ways for better or worse. Then I grew up, had a family, refined my efforts and used writing to maintain my sanity while bringing up three wonderful children.

That’s how I became a published author of fiction and articles in national and local magazines and newspapers. I also compiled leaflets, crosswords and other puzzles – all of it paid work that felt good. Don’t we all much prefer to be paid for being wordsmiths?!

I currently spend my time freelancing as an editor of a professional journal, subcontracting for proofreading jobs and practising as a child therapist. So I like to spend my spare hours writing fiction and illustrating – painting in general and illustrating for editorials and children in particular. I love art media in all varieties.

My two most recent children’s books, Farlkris and Scordril, were co-authored with Sue Brownless and published by Matador. We sold well over 2,000 doing school visits in the north-east of England and the Lothian region of Scotland. My MA novel, a psychological thriller called Ride with Madness, is serialised here – you might like to have a read in your spare moments. I have written a YA novel and am half way through a middle grade novel.

My professional shop-front freelance writing site is still at www.eleanorpatrick.co.uk.

I have set up a small portfolio of some of my images at eleanorpatrickillustration.com.

This blog is about writing in general, my writing in particular, and the tools I use, the books I read and the illustration techniques I am working on. I’d love to hear from you if you have time to drop me a line. Enjoy!

  1. Interesting blog you have, Elenor. I had a good browse around and lots of fun. Thanks for the follow and I look forward to follow you! Warm Greetings from Ohio, Johanna


  2. Ompong says:

    Nice of you to drop by… And like you, I love to draw. I use the Sketchbook app of my Android device to sketch and I find it lots of fun. Cheers!


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