Two opposing views part 2

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As promised yesterday. How does this work for a pair of writings? Any comments welcome 🙂 Criticism welcome too!

An open book (2)

Knowing the library manager was out till tea time, I made straight for my favourite place down one of the aisles and started picking out all the books in that section that needed mending. I didn’t have to think about it. I’d mentally clocked them up when they came back in less-than-perfect condition. Numbers, facts, photographic memory… If only I didn’t have to work in a library. But it would have to do till something better came along.

Then I heard the main door open with a sough of chilly air, and my heart sank. This dark shut-in building was my womb – and wombs are best left in peace while things develop inside them.

I reluctantly stood up, picked up the damaged books and staggered with them over to the entrance. ‘Can I help?’ I called to the girl. ‘You look lost.’

There. She’d feel as if someone cared. The exact phrase was on page 25 of the training manual, bullet point 3. I could see it in my mind.

She handed me a list. I stared at it in amazement. What sort of person goes into a library with a list? And worse than that, a doctor’s scribbly handwritten list, naming self-help books for the weedy. I now recognise every doctor’s handwriting in this town – they’re all at it, this bibliotherapy thing. What we should do is charge them! And then replace these stuffy old shelves with neat lines of matching, pine-coloured shelving with desks at exact intervals so that people can sit near to where they’re browsing. I could make a proper go of running this place, given a chance.

I offered to fetch the first book on the list, and then, following rule 2, page 30, kept eye contact while asking her for identification. I did start to lose track when she rambled on about eBay and charity shops. Obviously out of work. Probably no good at anything. Anyway, if she was broke, I wasn’t interested in her.

‘Sorry?’ I murmured dutifully. (Rule 10: Keep your complete attention on the client from the moment they ask for help.) ‘Oh yes, I buy my books, too,’ I told her, hoping I’d got it right, and handing her the somewhat dog-eared copy of Managing your Moods. I’d need to add that to the mending pile when she returned it. ‘Yes, much better to own books than borrow them. Though I shouldn’t say that, should I? Not working here!’ (Rule 12: Maintain a sense of humour at all times.)

Of course, I wouldn’t be working here if I could find another job. It’s those stupid interviewers out there who can’t cope with suggestions for improving their businesses. You’d think they’d be grateful to employ someone who could think widely as well as remember all the existing protocols.

‘Have fun with this one, Lucy,’ I added as she turned away. I’m not sure why she looked so pleased – I mean, that book’s dumb.

  1. What a surprise! That guy turned out to be so different from what I imagined. But if I come to think about it, the title is “two opposing views”. 😀
    You wanted to know whether it works. And in my opinion it does! I’m not any expert of writing, but have read quite a lot. So I hope my opinion is worth something.
    And you know what, Eleanor, you said below one of my picture that “I wish I were as good as this”. This is exactly the same I feel, when I read your writings. 🙂


    • Oh good, I hoped you would be surprised! I also hope you enjoy your work in the library. I would love it!

      Liked by 1 person

      • The library work is very nice. It’s different from what I imagined, cause I thought it would be more book central. But I don’t complain because I have so many great opportunities to make different things, take part in different projects and so on. And I’m surrounded by books. It’s like heaven. 😀
        That remind me, what I’ve wanted to ask you some time. Is there any change to read something from you? 🙂


      • I’m not sure what you mean. Do you mean a ‘chance’ to read something I wrote? Sorry if I’m being thick, as we say here!


      • Me and my poor English! You are right, I meant “chance”. 😀 What I want to know is there anything in paperback I can read? I would love to order your book. 🙂


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