Good week’s work

Posted: August 8, 2016 in illustration, process, writing
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Despite being super busy on journal work, I have actually done some personal tasks on pushing my writing out there and assembling various pots of illustration work that someone or other might see one day. There’s always hope. But no hope at all if I don’t tell anyone I’m illustrating! It’s always been like that with the writing. If I don’t send it out, how will an editor or agent know I’ve written the bestest young adult novel in the world??

So, what have I done? It amounts to this:

  • Put myself on the Association of Illustrators site with a portfolio
  • Remove my writing site from one provider to another to save some money and bring it up to date
  • Produce some more work in Adobe Illustrator (Ai)
  • Print a picture book text on one side of a postcard (well, they’re always short!) and put a sample picture spread on the back, ready to mail to a few children’s publishers
  • Print out on A4 a sample sheet of my artwork (either children’s or editorial) ready to send to art directors today.

For a week when I was also fighting a losing battle against rampant loosestrife in the garden (garden? a.k.a wilderness), that was a pretty impressive list of achievements, usually known as getting off one’s backside 🙂

Here are some Ai flowers for you. They may not see the light of day anywhere else, but they’re fun to do. Composition could be improved, of course; I just like the effect of cutting down on glue! Have a look before they drop off the page…

new flowers


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