Moving on with a plan

Posted: July 10, 2016 in illustration, process
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I’m at the SCBWI picture book retreat this weekend in the South West. It’s been a really worthwhile venture and I’ve just had really helpful advice and strategy from John Shelley, an experienced picture book illustrator and writer. I shall be continuing with a plan and developing my children’s illustrations in line with his excellent advice, after we jointly looked through my embryonic portfolio (how scary is that! He was sensitive and kind but also dead honest). I also shared some picture book writing and illustrations with four other illustrators and writers the night before. And again tonight. That too was worth the journey here.

So now I need to deal with my editorial illustration plans, which might produce success a bit earlier, simply due to the lengthy turnaround time on children’s books.

Here is a banner and also four vignettes for a factual article for 7s to 14s for an inflight magazine intended to be read when travelling to Norway. Colour and style matching wasn’t a problem. I just hope I have the ‘young people’ appeal of the illustrations done right!

norway spot illos

norway banner

For a youth-friendly article with facts about Norway

And some spot illustrations about the history and culture of Italian pizza.

assembled pizzas

Spot illustrations for Italian pizza history





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