Editing: from OK to good

Posted: June 14, 2016 in illustration, process, thoughts
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OK – I’m not claiming to be good at anything. But while trying to design an editorial illustration for a long article on the history of airships and their possibilities, I kind of got caught up in wanting to finish.

It’s the same with novels or any fiction. You dash through, entranced by the story, and rush to the end. And then stop and think wow, it’s done. It’s not! We all know that. Revision and editing play a large part in both writing and art. (Which is probably why watercolour and me have an uneasy relationship and end up going digital walkabouts together afterwards!)

So here I was thinking that this version would pass muster (besides, I wanted a break).

airship final 2

Yes, it’s flashy and grabs the attention, but it’s absolutely awful in terms of professionalism.

So I pulled myself together and started again. I redrew the airship and trees etc but kept the girl and the window idea (and the aerial perspective). Photoshop and Illustrator have figured throughout. The watercolour background is dragged in from another of my pieces. I hope you agree it has a more ‘finished’ look. It’s this that I am calling ‘good’ in contrast to just OK.

airship version 2

  1. I’ve spent at least two hours in your blog and reading and reading. It’s so interesting and I like that you write about your works and your progress. If I started my blog I wrote more, too.
    And don’t tell that you are not good at anything. I think that you are very good in writing and have interesting style(s) of drawing. šŸ™‚


    • You’re very kind! Thank you. And thanks for Following my art blog too, but I don’t add posts there so you won’t get any notifications! I just go and update the galleries when I have something to add. I still haven’t worked out the best way to have a portfolio gallery. Any advice? Yours looks good.

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      • It’s not the problem. I’ll just check out your blog once in awhile not to miss anything. šŸ™‚
        I understand you – it’s difficult to decide which way is the best way if doing something with your blog. But that’s why I like WordPress. It gives you so many alternatives. And after trying different ways, you’ll find yours. šŸ™‚


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