A scribbly virtual brush

Posted: May 22, 2016 in art style, illustration, Uncategorized
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I love scribbling my sketches and outlines – they seem so much more alive than a single beautifully crafted line. So I tried in Illustrator. Making a custom brush is hardly my main priority in life but sometimes a technique or tool just grabs you. I’d invented this brush under guidance, and I used it to do a Retro VW, which you can see in my Skillshare project here. Then I decided to apply the brush to a couple of my own imported sketches, and this is the result.

scribbly juggler

sketched juggler re-outlined with my custom scribbly brush made in Ai

scribbly violinist

violinist re-outlined with my custom scribbly brush made in Ai

I like the idea but this isn’t quite the effect I’m after. so I will invent another brush and try again. This result is still too sober for me. But maybe that’s because the fills are a tad boring!

Apart from that, I’ve been getting the journal I edit off to press and sorting out samples to take to my SCBWI weekend picture book retreat that I mentioned here. I’m thinking to take a few of my picture book texts and some samples of artwork to prove I can do characters from different angles and develop them. Plus I’ll take the dummy of my out-of-print picture book. I don’t know yet who the other weekend facilitator is or which agents, editors and others will be there. So I’m just thinking ahead and plotting!

  1. Lucinda Poulsen says:

    Wow this is very cool! Is this your usual style?


    • Thank you! Wow is a very nice comment about my art and I’m glad you bothered! I have a few different styles as I link digital with real more and more. Maybe I’m still finding my way – on the other hand, do I want to solidify in one style?? If you scroll down you will see a few different ones. I’ll go and look at yours now!

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      • Lucinda Poulsen says:

        You’re very welcome! I’ve always struggled with illustrator myself so its great to see what you can achieve from it! I am very much the same, I question if I’m on the way to finding a style or if my work is meant to be different. That I’m always changing, growing? I’ll do that right now, and thank you!


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