There’s a mouse…

Posted: April 28, 2016 in Younger fiction
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I have been rummaging around in the fantasy areas of my head between learning Adobe Illustrator and doing my usual paid work. This is one idea I came up with for a picture book. I know every publisher in the land will think it’s rubbish, but I happen to like it, so I’m recording it here for your amusement. It would need lots of extra story happening on each spread that isn’t in the words – and that would tax my current illustration abilities, but I can dream! (By the way, I finished all the illustrations for my out-of-print children’s book that I want to republish.)

I’ve added one of my mouse pictures. He crops up quite often when I’m sketching. He feels like an old friend. Which might have some bearing on why he appeared in my head for a story 🙂 Comments welcome.

There’s a mouse in my house
He’s nimble and bold.
He thinks that my dad
Is getting too old…
To snatch him or catch him
Or even just bash him.
It’s magic to watch him
Just vanish – GONE!
Under – or over
Behind – or around.
But after his tricks
The chomp-chomping sound…
Can be heard from – well, somewhere.
It’s driving Dad mad.
The crumbs are the last straw,
My dad’s not bad, but…
He bounces with rage
And gives a huge roar
‘How can I dispatch him
When somebody leaves
The biscuit tin open?
I beg you – please!’
Of course, Mum’s not guilty.
It’s me who loves Fred –
The place he lives mostly is…
[under my head] (no words, child guesses bed or head, mouse in nice comfy little hideaway provided by child between their pillow and the bedhead. With some biscuits!)

sketch mouse 3

  1. Sharon Mann says:

    A funny character, he would be perfect for a children’s book.


  2. Thanks. Maybe I should do a demo spread for this text with him in it and prove it works okay! Appreciate you commenting 🙂 Loved looking at your What’s in my sketchbook post just now, but comments are closed. I wish mine had as much good stuff in it!


  3. Lucinda Poulsen says:

    Oh I love this, and more that there is a story to go along with it. It makes it relatable. I’d love to see more of your illustrations that you’ve done by hand.


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