Gaining a skill

Posted: March 30, 2016 in Uncategorized

Where did the last 5 weeks go? Sorry! I got enmeshed in Skillshare website. I was slightly suspicious at first when I was offered 3 months’ membership for 99c. I mean, what was the catch? Would they deduct a year before I had a chance to cancel?

Call me paranoid, but I don’t usually fall for such offers. But I browsed the content and found many Illustrator and Photoshop tuition vids. So I devised a plan to list the ones I was interested in (it’s grown to 200!) and marked my calendar a week before the deadline in order to de-subscribe in good time!

That was a mistake. I watched three vids, learnt more than ever before, and was hooked. I knew I couldn’t get them all watched in the 3 months without sitting nose to screen solidly. The ones I watched were by Helen Bradley (I’ve watched other people’s tuition since and they are good but she is supreme so far). The reason is, she doesn’t appear on film herself and parade her looks or winning charm or waste time showing us books and pictures first or chat at length. She simply teaches the two programs in two ongoing series. And she teaches slowly, clearly and with the aim of us making some very arty end projects using only two or three skills/tools at a time. There is repetition designed in, and I have learnt. Simple as that. Her courses are called Photoshop for Lunch and Illustrator for Lunch – and if I sound a fan, so be it. Honour where honour is due.

Anyway, the matter of three months. After only three weeks’ solid watching, I emailed and asked to pay up in full (at 60% which I was offered). If truth be told, I felt slightly guilty about the 99c and learning so much on it.  The good news? They wouldn’t accept payment for the full year till my trial was up in case I changed my mind. How refreshing is that? So I’ll let payment go through in May – and in the meantime I’m eating and sleeping as well as learning (and editing and illustrating and working on my picture book).

Here are some things I’ve made on Skillshare.

WP gears small

Steampunk gears made in Illustrator and assembled with a texture

WP morrismen sm

Mirror image from my own pastel painting, fancied up in Photoshop

WP alcohol trees small

Mirror image from my own alcohol ink painting, fancied up in Photoshop

WP flowers

I made a brush or two in Illustrator – beginner’s stuff, I know!



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