Ink and more ink

Posted: February 23, 2016 in process, Uncategorized
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I have used Faber Castell Pitt pens for the last few years for ink work, plus more recently  two Rotring ArtPens: fine and extra fine. I’m really pleased with all of them. For illustration now, I’m wanting to use a dip pen too. So I fished out my old set of calligraphy nibs and a holder that uses a reservoir, and they still work fine. I just need to locate my W&N indelible ink to go with them. I have Quink black and Dr Ph Martin’s Hydrus black watercolour ink but I don’t always want the ink to be movable (the ArtPens use soluble ink).

The nibs were in a balsa wood box my cousin made for me for a birthday when both he and I were pre-teens! I treasure this. I’m also amazed it’s still in one piece. Balsa is a quite lightweight wood.

balsa box

My latest acquisition arrived from Japan this week – a Platinum Carbon black pen with some non-soluble ink cartridges. Plus a green tea bag. Plus a tortoise paperclip, both of which the retailer threw in as a good will offering, it seems!

tortoise paper clip

Isn’t that sweet? I didn’t use the green tea bag because it was depositing green dust all over me and I didn’t want to imbibe dust.

Here is my set of pens. I aim to get good use out of them.


I did the man with the new Carbon Platinum one (the one at the bottom of the picture)  – it makes my eyes wink and frown it’s so fine. But it’s superb to use. Hope you like the man!

teardrop man


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