I said I was working with a mentor to get some practice at being given a ‘commission’ to illustrate some articles as if the mentor were the art director. And, as you know, art directors can get picky and ask for alterations! I’ve completed two months (six tasks) so far.

I love doing it. It just seems to fall into place in my imagination and, well, work for me. Not sure how I will find real paid work – but I did find a great book about that on Amazon: Secrets of Freelance Illustration: How to become a successful freelance illustrator by Mark Dickson. A superbly practical and knowledgeable book, well laid out and succinct. Got it last June and I’ve read it through twice already. In the meantime I’m honing my skills.

Here are two ‘commissions’ that I enjoyed doing and that met the brief. Both used original drawing plus ongoing assembly in both Photoshop and Clip Studio Paint.

The first is for an article for serious coffee lovers and is to to be captioned: Do you still go to the dark side for your coffee?

Dark Matter submission

The second is to illustrate an article about the town of Todmorden in the UK, where they grow fruit and veg all over the town in any free space. Anyone is allowed to harvest it. There are many photos on the internet of the actual places, so I imagined how surprised a visitor would be to find fruit growing in the corner of the car park! I had great fun adjusting the colour levels on this one to make the focus the man and the fruit! I hope you like it too! The ‘art director’ did 🙂

Edible submission




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