A SCBWI retreat beckons

Posted: February 4, 2016 in art style
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Sometimes life doesn’t turn out how you thought it would. This has happened to me at significant times. I was going to be an architect – always an architect, because I’d read a book about it – but I ended up studying and teaching languages after enjoying them so much in the sixth form.

Then I was going to have four children in two pairs, but ended up having only three (on end) when it became obvious my back was suffering. (It’s fine now, thanks for asking!)

Well, a year ago I booked to see the whole Ring cycle (Wagner, you know?) at The Sage Gateshead this July ie a wait of 15 months. It’s to be a concert performance on several nights. But I find it clashes with a SCBWI retreat in the UK and one for which the resident artist is to be Lynne Chapman. There will be a writer in residence too. I missed Lynne last year as I don’t always nip into the SCBWI website in time to keep track of events. But this year I seem to be early in noticing the announcement and have just grabbed myself a place – one of not many, I think.

The thing is, though, that it clashes with part of the Ring cycle and opera simply fades into insignificance compared to the prospect of writing and illustrating picture books for four days. So I’m selling my Ring ticket on. There’s a waiting list so it won’t be a problem.

The moral is, don’t assume I will want to do now what I thought I wanted to do this time last year!

Anyway, all is quiet here now, but this last week we’ve had storms and power cuts, so one evening I got out my oil pastels and did some sketching by candlelight at my easel. I used the Cray-Pas oil pastels – I didn’t want to waste my lovely Senneliers messing in the gloom. But it didn’t turn out too bad, so I’m showing you. It’s just on kids coloured paper, so no tooth at all. Funny how scribbling sometimes looks better than what I try hard at 🙂

oil pastel man

Oil pastel sketch using Cray-Pas set


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