Into the forest

Posted: January 26, 2016 in art style, watercolour
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Well, a girl has to have a bit of downtime! Over the last few days, I used up some Hahnemuhle 425 gsm watercolour paper doing a couple of figures but in different positions, sort of sequentially. Much harder in real media than digitally, where you can tweak to your heart’s content. So many things could be improved (pink legs anyone??) but it was a learning exercise. Watercolour is not really my thing. I did want to imply story, though. Writers always want story 🙂

One thing I do like is the brush I used throughout – an Escoda versátil sintético size 16 – what a fab point and water-holding body. Couldn’t agree to change to a smaller one, hence the slips occasionally.

Acknowledgement: It’s possible I got the basic idea for a long thin guy on his own from somewhere a long time ago (it came to light from one of my old sketchbooks so I can’t tell now, but maybe I did), but all the rest is entirely my own work. However, if you think you inspired me, thank you.

forest fantasy pt1 blog

forest fantasy pt2 blog

fantasy forest pt3 blog


  1. I love this! The color palette and the drama of an untold story…beautiful! Cheers, Johanna


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