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Posted: December 4, 2015 in courses, process
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I produced all the material required for the final assignment of my London Art College Illustration diploma a couple of weeks ago, and they found it acceptable!! Yay!

But what does that mean? I’m fully aware that the award of an overall distinction by my superb tutor Spencer Hill is meaningless in one sense. If the work I produce in future is substandard, I won’t be commissioned by anyone, however hard I tried to get that distinction. Plus, I need a channel to commit to now. That period of college time is gone; the future is at stake.

But which way to jump? The course took us carefully through six types of illustration, but my preferences obviously still follow my seeming life preferences – which are the same as before: editorial work and children’s books. I think I could slot in here pretty well in an illustrative capacity. If only I maintain a good-enough standard.

So I have a plan for 2016 and will stick to it. I will pursue editorial illustration chances and will also build a portfolio of children’s work – and at the same time be re-illustrating my out-of-print children’s book. I think limiting my options like this will be an incentive and a focus.

So how come I am ending the year still sketching whatever I please? Like this lady in a cafe down south last week (I loved her crutch propped there, and hat with its knitted flower):

cafe lady

And this one of the famous striking clock in Thornton’s arcade, Leeds, that I took a photo of a few weeks ago on a sketchcrawl arranged by a group of members of ArtTutor in the north. I used to live in Leeds, so it brings back fond memories.

Leeds arcade done

Maybe I just like sketching – and that will remain my morning, in-bed activity for sure. And as I don’t believe in new year resolutions, I’ll write the mantra Focus Focus Focus over my desk and hope to stick to my other plans all year – but only after I’m out of bed 🙂

  1. Hello! I searched “London Art College” as a tag in wordpress and stumbled upon your blog. I love your artwork and have enjoyed reading several of your posts. You and I appear to share similar interests although you are a lot further along in your artistic and writing pursuits! I’m planning on taking an illustration course with the London Art College but I’m having a difficult time deciding which one I should start with. I’d really like to take the Children’s Book Illustrating Course, but wonder if the Illustrating course would be a better place to start. I have a background in drawing and painting but not in illustration. Since you’ve been through several of them, any and advice regarding this matter is appreciated! Thanks and congrats on completing your diploma!


    • Sorry I didn’t get notified about your comment – luckily I found it. I’m really pleased you’ve had a look round. So many people just press ‘Like’ these days but a real comment is a wonderful encouragement! Thank you.


    • I may be biased but I had a harder time with the tutor on the children’s book illustration course, simply because she didn’t communicate apart from feedback – and never gave her email out, for instance. The main way to get info on any assignment problem was via the many people doing it who answer questions on the forum – so if you do that one, be sure to use the forum. The exercises are helpful and fine. The big difference with the illustration diploma course is the tutor, who is really really open and communicative and friendly and works overtime to make sure you get the help you need. You cover many sorts of illustration in turn and then can choose your field, I guess. I’m working with him as mentor right now (a freelance arrangement) to work further on my children’s book reprint and my editorial illustration aims – my chosen fields. You could do both, one after the other of course!


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