And a new lovable villain too

Posted: November 11, 2015 in artwork for children, courses
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I can’t believe so long has passed since I last posted here. I’ve been deep in work, of course, editing journals for press, but art is a strange thing – when I’m painting, digitally or traditionally, that’s the only time my coffee goes cold or the dinner is late because I forgot the scheduled start time. Time simply ceases to exist for me. I suspect it’s the same for many others too. Is that called being in the zone?

Anyway, I’ve been working on my assignment in between times. I’m way into it now (although way from finished too), so I’ll show you some views of the Little Grey Woodlouse who keeps stealing Vicky’s toothbrush and using it for his own nefarious ends.They’re just sketches in my sketchbook – and actually he ends up with red spots on his jacket,  not green, as he’d be a little dull otherwise. I hope you think he’s ‘naughty but lovable’ enough.

Little Grey Woodlouse comes alive!

Little Grey Woodlouse comes alive!

I also sketched a couple of versions of Vicky and LGW interacting – I’ll need to be able to do that for all the thumbnails I have to produce for this picture book assignment. You’ll notice there’s a size problem. Well, I’ve decided it’s pure fiction and to make the spreads work there has to be a compromise on size. I mean, how would a tiny woodlouse even pick up a human toothbrush? The story premise is preposterous to start with, so as far as I’m concerned they can dance together in joy and I’ll make no excuses 🙂

Vicky and LGW interact

Vicky and LGW interact

  1. Thank you. I’ve become quite attached to him myself! Easier to draw in different positions than Vicky, I uave to say.


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