A new heroine comes to life

Posted: October 7, 2015 in artwork for children
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I did it! I managed to compose another graphic page and got through the ‘sequential art’ assignment. (For those who don’t know, this is for the London Art College Illustration Diploma.)

The trouble with courses is that there is always more. But that’s fine this time, because we have been given a children’s book text (which is just up my street) and told to lay it out in 32 pages (well, less in reality, because some pages are reserved for non-story stuff) via thumbnails and then produce various bits of finished artwork. Six character studies and three full spreads. Eek. But it will be fun. I already passed their Children’s Book Illustration course, so it is not new to me. In the context of this course, it is one of 6 types of illustration you might be required to do.

Given the bare facts of a heroine (Vicky) who wears a sailor dress and red wellies, is determined and also cute, I have begun exploring how she might be done – using Art Set Pro on the iPad in bed this morning. The Little Grey Woodlouse has been using her toothbrush, despite her labelling it as hers! (That will be an anchor on her dress when I’ve found out how one looks and if i still want one.)

Vicky, the heroine, v.1

Vicky, the heroine, v.1

What do you think??

If I ever manage this assignment, I know I will be up for illustrating my own out-of-print children’s book to republish it. It’s been so useful in schools and is therefore one of my art aims.

  1. Sharon Mann says:

    Good luck with your next assignment, very cute character.


  2. Love those boots and the expression on her face. Looking great! 🙂


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