After the struggle, some progress

Posted: September 24, 2015 in art style, courses
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Silence reigned on here recently, as you may have noticed. But my pencil and pen and computer (Manga Studio 5, specifically) have been working furiously after that consultation with my tutor Spencer Hill at London Art College. After I emerged from the despair of ever managing!

I have now done the first part of the assignment to the best of my current ability. Granted I don’t read cartoons or graphic novels, I’m just a tiny bit pleased with it.

The words in the balloons and the sandy environment and something being found were given to us, although the hero and context could be anything. I drew in pencil, scanned it into Manga Studio 5 (Clip Paint Studio), tweaked things to be consistent (we didn’t want 4 different rucksacks, three varied walking sticks, and a grand set alternative ears, now did we?!) and then painted it digitally. Watercolour-ish for the background and opaque for the mice. I did try adding a 1.5% filter of noise in Photoshop to make it a bit sandy, but ditched that idea. This is the ‘neat’ version.

The next one requires some original thought by me to invent a one-page story with no hints and rules. It can be illustrated however I wish, in any medium. (I quite like tradigital though.) Since my better half reckoned he could hire and use a JCB after watching one YouTube video (he did!), there is already the germ of an idea emerging!

In the meantime, let me know what you think of this effort? I’m not sure how legible this will be – the original file is huge so this is much reduced.

Part of assignment 5 for London Art College Illustration Diploma by Eleanor Patrick

Part of assignment 5 for London Art College Illustration Diploma by Eleanor Patrick

  1. wow! that looks great.


  2. Thanks for your ongoing support. I think art needs someone to view it in order for it to be complete – much like when you’ve written a novel, it needs reading by someone else!


  3. Sharon Mann says:

    Eleanor, this is terrific. Your instructor should be very pleased with your progress!


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