Stuck on sequential illustration!

Posted: August 25, 2015 in courses, learning, thoughts
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How did 12 days pass with no post? I’d best bare all!

For my next assignment for the London Art College Illustration Diploma, I have to move on now to sequential illustration – which includes comic strips, graphic novels, manga etc – anything where you draw more than one image and they follow on and encompass a story element, I guess. Obviously I don’t have to do all of these. There are two parts of the submission to complete, one given to us and one a free choice.

The problem is that I can’t find a place to start.

I’ve been given a skeleton structure of a scenario – briefly it includes a desert, some thoughts, some speech, a variety of shots needed at different times, an outcome. etc All of this can be interpreted in myriad ways – that’s deliberately left to us. Plus I have to produce several sketches of the character to submit alongside the page of panels, any medium, black and white or coloured. Are you now as overcome as me??

I think the block is in the freedom. And knowing where to start. Character? Frames? Story? And do I choose a character I can draw from different angles and distances? Or the best for the idea but maybe less well executed… Have fun? Be sensible? Cartoonish or real? I’m floundering.

Time to consult the tutor, methinks. Distance learning always presents a problem. I mostly do well if left to learn and study and practise and eventually submit. But just sometimes, like now, I need a helping hand to move forward. I think this is the most challenging part of the diploma for me – not quite my thing. The final assignments are around children’s illustration, which will be just my cup of tea 🙂

Anyway, while procrastinating and losing myself in a fog of indecision, I did a couple of pictures:

running girl col copy

Not sure I got her legs to body ratio right!

From a teaching book by Duncan Smith

From a teaching book by Duncan Smith – his was pencil, mine is biro and digital colour

Thanks for being alongside me in my fog for a few minutes!

  1. Sharon Mann says:

    Great sketches Eleanor, good luck with your project. Just writing about it will bring your ideas to the surface.


  2. I’ve spoken to the tutor today! Even that email has helped decide on the character and the rest will have to follow. Thanks for dropping in. Always appreciated.


  3. Keziah says:

    Hi Eleanor, how is this part of the course going now?
    I found Maggy on the Illustrating Children’s Books course invaluable, but I think they don’t make it clear enough to new students that you can and SHOULD contact your tutor for help. So many on the forums have the attitude of “not wanting to bother them”. Well…That is their job.
    I’m glad contacting yours seems to have helped 🙂


  4. Hi Keziah – yes, I wish I’d known about Maggie before it was too late. My biggest regret. We aren’t even given her email, whereas Spencer positively asks to be talked to! I have a rough done, but still am not happy about whether the words totally fit the idea – see my latest post, the one after this! I’m cogitating on it this week intending to make a move shortly, as time will run out and journal work will take over again.


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