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Posted: July 29, 2015 in artwork for children, courses, learning
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I get my teaching and inspiration from a number of places at the moment. I just thought I’d mention here that Craftsy has three excellent courses for those who are trying to illustrate for children.

A while back I did The Art of the Picture Book, taught really well by Shadra Strickland. She generously shows us her process, her mini mock-ups and her sketch books, and talks us through the whys and wherefores of illustrating a given text.

Later, I watched Picture Book Illustration, taught by Eric Johnson. We were able to watch him paint his scenes, which was instructive as one of the things about illustrators is they work alone and you’re never quite sure that what you do is considered normal! It was a treat to see him at work and again be told how and why.

Finally, at the moment, I am part way through Doreen Mulryan’s class People in Picture Books: Developing Your Main Character. I found it hard to understand her speech at first but the content is proving good again.

I can’t say the same of all Craftsy classes. I tried a few others because I was tempted further afield than children’s illustrating. But for me, some are too boringly presented to watch. That’s just my personal opinion, of course.

Other art tutors on Craftsy that I really can recommend (if the course suits you, that is) are: Marc Taro Holmes, Matt Rota, Paul Heaston and Donald Yatomi. Many thanks to them too for inspiring me and helping me along.

These are some figures I sketched while watching Donald Yatomi’s concept art class. He starts with scribbles and sees what emerges – so I did too. He then develops them into the kind of character the brief asks for. So obviously he doesn’t develop different ones – they are all on the theme, say, fighters. Mine are, well, varied 🙂

craftsy.com website

  1. Sharon Mann says:

    Thanks for the review of the Craftsy classes. Fun character sketches!


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