Inkjet watercolour paper and filters

Posted: July 24, 2015 in art style, software
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Inkjet watercolour paper

I tried printing on some Bockingford inkjet watercolour paper last week, hoping to make nice prints of one or two of my proper paintings. They came out really well – perfect colours from my lovely Canon printer. I don’t frame the originals because they’re often huge pastel paintings. So a print of the photograph is a better idea in terms of wall space.

But the challenge to the frugally minded here is – what do I do with the offcuts? Not all paintings use the whole A4 paper. Would the offcuts be useful for painting real little watercolours?

I tried the idea out with my little Koi set today, just daubing petals and leaves. It worked well enough but it’s not like real watercolour paper, except maybe the cheaper sort. (Might be good for coloured pencils though.) I then fired up Photoshop to crop the photograph, thinking  it might work for a birthday card.

Photoshop and filters

Trouble is, I then thought: filters! And I never know when to stop. So I now have nine versions of this card. The original plus eight with filters on. Of course, it’s considered pretty naff to rely on filters so overtly. But who cares? I like these – some more than others. My favourites are the last three and the poster edges one, top right. This latter is probably because it reminds me of pen and wash – but hey, I could have done that by hand with less fuss. *shakes head*

What do you think?

flowers 1

flowers 2

flowers 3


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