Evolve, elevate, excel

Posted: July 15, 2015 in poems, process, thoughts
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I came across this slogan recently, although I don’t believe it belongs to anyone in particular. Sounds pretty much like business or coaching speak actually.

Anyway, it immediately hit me that it applies to both my writing and my  art.


I have, over the years, evolved a style. Two actually. One that can be angled at any publication I choose to write articles for. The other is for novels. I find I just write in the voice of the person whose head I am in. Perhaps I always wanted to be someone else!

I’ve tried to elevate my writing so that it flows and has no mistakes and is even interesting to the target audience! I tend to edit and edit and edit again. But then, I’m an editor.

Excelling would, for me, probably mean deciding to go all out for publishing another novel or children’s book and becoming famous! Whether it could happen is immaterial – I kind of got stopped in my tracks by wanting to do some artwork alongside. There’s a cost to everything!


I’m still trying to allow my own art style to evolve. I’ve sketched a lot of biro figures in July with the Twitter hashtag #figurejuly. That’s been fun and works quite well. But maybe there’s more to my style than biro? I like Artpen, moving the soluble ink around afterwards to give form. And then there’s digital. So it’s a work in progress.

When I finally evolve something  that feels to be ‘me’, I’ll try to elevate my work to the next level. I do tend to give up before it’s as good as it could be! Unlike with my editing. I see details that I could have corrected if I hadn’t been hasty.

And then… well, it will be a good few years before I excel. It may never happen – but I’ll have fun on the journey.

In the meantime, some of our trees have had to be felled this week, which grieves me. It was a little forest of tranquility in our grounds. Six down so far, nine to go. The growing log pile inspired this haiku. It combines the art of photo and writing, so maybe appropriate here?

woodpile haiku


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