A digital saga

Posted: June 26, 2015 in process, software
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I’ve been promising some info on my digital journey.

I had been using Photoshop in a rather elementary way, mostly for photo manipulation, for a while before I got into proper stuff and iPad art apps. I originally had Photoshop Elements to adjust photos but Adobe offered me a ‘can’t miss this’ opportunity to buy PS CS5 cut price. At the time I didn’t have the skill to use most of it but it was a good offer. I then renewed my laptop and the new (used) one had the whole CS5 suite on, and I made some progress with Illustrator. Trouble was, I was just getting better at this when I changed laptops and crucially forgot to deregister the CS suite first. So I lost access! That left me with Photoshop on the big iMac. Fine. But I missed Illustrator.

Still with me?? Well, when I finished the Children’s Book Illustration course at London Art College, I enrolled on their Digital Illustration course. This used Gimp (um, fine if you like non-intuitive key presses and menus!) and Inkscape – a progam for vector art that I grew to hate. Luckily for me, just after Inkscape trashed my brain, along came Affinity Designer. Now that is a program that will blow Illustrator away eventually. Intuitive too. So now I have both Photoshop CS5 and Designer and lack nothing 🙂 Well, just skill!

However, the point of telling you this is that although I didn’t like the software specified on the digital illustration course (both of which are free, hence their use on the course), I did thoroughly enjoy following through the assignments.

Here are two of my many pieces. I particularly took a liking to my hound! I realise now that the scribbly biro work I have been doing recently may have started with this scribbly stylus-drawn alien.


Alien hound painted in GIMP

Cartoon done in GIMP

Cartoon done in GIMP

I would love to hear what you think and what your favourite painting software is. I haven’t even started on iPad stuff yet, of course.

  1. Ompong says:

    I use the sketchbook app in my android. I normally draw using a stylus. 🙂


  2. Sharon Mann says:

    Hi Eleanor – thanks for sharing your progress. I use Procreate on the iPad. I’ve enjoyed the layers like Photoshop and lots of textures and different mediums, sketch, pastel, watercolor, ink pen, etc.


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