Going backwards to go forwards

Posted: June 20, 2015 in art style
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This week I have been considering altering my young adult novel in certain ways. That’s going backwards deliberately with the intention of going forward with it soon, say for publication.

Likewise, I have been studying a series of vids on PencilKings.com that take you through all the tools in Photoshop while constructing a still life. You can find it here.

Many of us will know Sycra Yasin, the tutor of this series, from his YouTube channels, but this was exceptionally well narrated in real time and with a slow-enough speed that anyone at all could have learnt a lot from it. I loved the way he let us see his wrong decisions and errors and changes of mind, as well as his thinking and planning – something I haven’t been that good at in art!

I’ve just finished my version, and have definitely extended my knowledge of the Photoshop tools and possibilities. Here is the result.

Still life copying Sycra Yasin on PencilKings.com

Still life copying Sycra Yasin on PencilKings.com

Not quite his standard, but he’s been at it rather longer than me! In fact I prefer Manga Studio 5, but the principles mostly apply to both, so I now have some more transferable skills. It has been a profitable two weeks backtracking a bit. Hopefully, I can now move forward onto the next assignment of my Illustration Diploma showing more skill and expertise than before. I’ll write more about my London Art College courses next time.

  1. I thought that this picture is a photo! :O 😀 Wow! So good!


  2. If I could paint as well as you, I would be happy!


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