Deviation to acrylics while I think

Posted: June 2, 2015 in art style, process, thoughts
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I’m trying a number of ways of progressing with my line work that I bring in to Photoshop and Manga Studio 5. I’m thinking about it specifically in relation to published books and what styles seem to be used in chapter books, and in connection to my own writings/stories as well.

So I set up the easel and slapped some acrylic paint around while I was thinking. Possibly I should have thought more about the acrylics than the illustration! But never mind, I quite like them. And that’s probably all that matters in the long run. Art is an ‘in the zone’ thing as much as a hobby or career.

Windy meadow

Windy meadow

Sunlit forest

Sunlit forest

I do like heaping on the neat acrylic (a bit like neat anything!) and using either a brush without cleaning in between, or else a knife. This was pure brush. Plus a piece of card I cut with the old pinking shears to serrate the edge. Back to my illustrations now.


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