A style that happened

Posted: April 28, 2015 in artwork for children
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Of course, I suppose I need a style for each different kind of work. But a surprising thing over the last couple of years has been to find how much I like drawing in softish graphite on cartridge paper in a sketch book, and then scanning it into a painting program. This is what I do to make this style.

I change the sketch to black and white (in Manga Studio 5/Clip Studio Paint, that’s called binarization (with a z), under Layer>New Correction Layer, but you can do it lots of ways). Apps usually offer you around 127 as the suggested value for changing shades to black or white. I find I need to alter this to get as much black as I need for any one image. After this I colour on the computer, either on a normal layer underneath or on a multiply layer on top. Lots of variations of this process are possible, of course.

The end result looks like this – not that I think this image is a great painting or anything! Just quickly showing you how the messy black seems to add to the image and make it less “digital”. The style is a work in progress – you may see an improvement eventually.

pumpkin girl


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