A new journey

Posted: April 20, 2015 in Uncategorized
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Two-and-a-half years since I last updated this blog! Whatever happened to me? Well, it’s easy to explain. Just after that last entry, I joined the new ArtTutor.com teaching website and have been learning to draw and paint. It was just something I needed to do. In addition, I specifically enrolled on some courses at London Art College, because my main interest in art is illustration: a lovely mix of ‘real’ media and digital. I’ll be writing more about this in future. Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 16.31.12 In other words, I have decided to go the self-publishing route once more and want to illustrate the books too. The whole works. I haven’t actually tried to interest publishers with the three books under consideration. I just decided to go it alone. One will need a cover, one will need tiny drawings intermixed on various pages within the short chapters, and one will need larger illustrations all through. I think I’ve set myself up for an enormous job, and I am well aware of the need for good quality. But right now, I have got far enough with my art to feel up to the task. So it starts here! From now on, I’ll update regularly and write about my art and my writing ‘as one’. It’s exciting.

  1. hey, well done. look forward to reading this.


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