Onwards and upwards

Posted: August 27, 2012 in YA novel

The very next day after I last posted, Cornerstones came out of the woodwork and sent me my report on the novel. They must have heard me – or read what I said here (I wish!).

Anyway, lots of good things were commented on, and the issue is, as suspected, mostly with the two main plot lines vying with each other and not being well-enough linked. (That’s my brief version – I don’t have the time or the inclination to post full quotes here as would be required, but I am delighted they never even mentioned lots of things I thought they would pull apart, so it can’t all be bad.)

But it is going to be an uphill journey for a few months while I redraft. The good news is, I have been cogitating on how best to do it and have a PLAN!

Everyone should have a plan for when a novel has to NOT resemble real life. In my experience (gained from wearing my child therapy hat), a young adult would most definitely have these two problems (plot lines) running concurrently and both equally important, vying in their mind for attention and affecting each other. Yet I suspected somehow that it would not be allowed. I think the reader does need to know which is the main plot. And it’s been hard for me to sit back and think and make that crucial decision, because quite frankly I am not writing a crime novel, and over-emphasising one of the plots could push it that way. But I now have a plan and can sleep well tonight.

I only started writing this book last October (2011) so it really feels okay to be doing another draft right now. I’m looking forward to getting stuck in. I really mind about this book.

And if I’m silent here as a consequence, so be it. You must just listen out for the cogs turning. And if you don’t hear them, please nudge me.


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