Been rapping the night away

Posted: March 31, 2012 in Uncategorized

Had to take a day off from finishing the draft of my YA novel because I needed a rap to use with a coaching client and group of Year 9s. (Well, a writer’s life is never boring.)

So in order to say I actually managed to post in March – just as the last sunny trickle of this month runs under the door – here is the rap, for your delectation! It’s about the benefit of being thankful (and if anyone has any spare petrol, I promise to be thankful right now).

Gratitude’s the attitude to have

not a platitude

it’s food from the brain not a drain

for a dude, so

NO hesitatin’ or missin’ the good things

there could be much worse things that happen

dontcha know

the universe repays what you say with a blaze

so get in the mood, come on, don’t miss the queue

let’s do gratitude, it’s the coolest attitude.

Right, OK, I’ll go back to my cave. But do you not think it’s clever how “queue” could be “cue”? And I didn’t even spot it till just now. So can’t even claim it to be deliberate punning. But it *is* writing, isn’t it? It counts? Honest?

btw I’ll be taking in my huge bodhran so we can have a beat.

a bodhran for a rap




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