The very long synopsis

Posted: October 23, 2011 in process
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There’s been an unholy silence on here while I’ve been getting the journal I edit off to design (again!). I try to tell myself that all the hard work is actually backing up my general writing skills, but sometimes it feels more like it’s merely backing up my bank account.

Anyway, I now feel I need a reality check. Life has become so hectic.

The new novel is going well. But that doesn’t mean thousands more words have been written. It means – wait for it – the synopsis is written.

Excellent synopsis advice

I’ve studied Nicola Morgan’s hints on synopsis writing – if you don’t own her Write to be Published, have a browse through all her synopsis-related posts here. She’s also in the process of writing an ebook focusing on synopses. I can’t recommend her writing and helpful tips enough. She just knows. Mostly because she’s done it many times over and can explain it clearly, humorously and knowledgeably.

However, that’s talking about the official synopsis. Mine is the synopsis in waiting, if you like, the detailed narrative of the book.

The most impressive thing about this file is its length (well, after its brilliant content, of course). I shall cut it down to presentable size at some point in the future. But for me, for now, the evidence of the virtual index cards with all their scenes on them is too fragile to assuage my doubts, so I’ve done this detailed piece of writing to make sure the plot works. I need it to be right. To sizzle. To satisfy.

So I’m grateful for the time I’ve been able to snatch from editing this month to do the synopsis chore. Because it is a chore, there’s no doubt about it. But do you know? I think I love it now it’s done. I actually like my book concept. Cuddling up with it metaphorically is the very best thing. The love affair of the year. Another silence for my achievement, please.


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