Yuri-nome and the Wind – a tale

Posted: July 21, 2011 in short stories
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All this talk about creativity. It occurred to me you might wonder if I actually ever finish anything. So I thought I’d offer some proof – in the form of a story based loosely around a creation fable I came across. It probably wouldn’t find a home traditionally but deserves an airing. So feet up, wine in hand and enjoy!

Yuri-nome and the Wind

Yuri-nome was a small black dot. She couldn’t be seen because she was the same colour as the darkness around her. But she knew she was lovely because she felt lovely. So she floated around exploring the dark.

Slowly Yuri-nome realised there was nothing there. No home, no friends, no toys, no trees, no flowers. She was alone. She could imagine these things, but she couldn’t find them anywhere.

She longed most of all for a friend to talk to and play with. But the only thing she noticed was a breeze that brushed her face and streamed round her body when she moved. It didn’t stop to play but rushed on as if she were invisible – and of course she was.

The effort to amuse herself made her frustrated and she glowed red with all the pent-up feelings.

It was then that she started playfully pinching and nudging the breeze as it rippled through the dark. The breeze turned into a strong wind and buffeted her in return, making her bounce around in huge arcs.

She laughed in delight and cried, “Hello, will you be my friend?” But the wind didn’t speak. It hurried on, spiralling and whirling. And Yuri-nome longed again with all her heart to NOT be a small, nearly invisible dot.

She felt like giving up, but something deep inside her whispered, “Try once more, Yuri-nome. Try once more.”

She reached out in front of her and grasped a thin wisp of the wind as it rushed by. She rubbed it between her hands and…

…a large colourful serpent appeared. “Hello,” it said. “Offi-oosa at your service. Do you want a ride?”

Yuri-nome didn’t know what a service was, but she had already imagined a thousand times what a friendly voice would sound like. She leapt onto Offi-oosa’s back, and shouted, “Yes, please. Let’s have FUN.”

Yuri-nome and Offi-oosa shot off together, riding and talking and swapping secrets that made them laugh. They twisted and twirled and hissed and fizzed everywhere until the dark was alive with their madness.

After a while, Yuri-nome noticed she was bright and glowing with happiness. Offi-oosa would curl his serpent tail around her and keep guard while she slept. When she woke, she would slip and slide on his back, from his eyes to his serpent tail, to keep him bendy and boisterous.

Then one day Offi-oosa said to Yuri-nome: “If you’ll stay with me for ever, we can provide trees and fields, rivers and seas, mountains and skies and animals for all the people who will live here one day.”

“And toys and homes?” asked Yuri-nome, summersaulting off his back.

“And toys and homes,” he laughed as he coiled round her. “Toys and homes and even babies to live in them. What is your wish?”

“I wish it to be so,” said Yuri-nome. As she spoke, she found all the colours of her serpent friend reflected in her, like a mirror.

So Offi-oosa uncurled his tail from around her and laid into the dark world all the wonderful things Yuri-nome had dreamt of when she was a little black dot with no friends. And she looked into his eyes and saw that she was not only lovely but loved.



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