Ten wimpish reasons not to write fiction today

Posted: July 6, 2011 in thoughts
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1 Fiction will not earn me money at regular intervals in the same way that freelance editing does.

2 Fiction needs bouts at the computer and I can’t sit still comfortably for long periods.

3 My fiction writing doesn’t get validated as often as my editorial work. I like praise.

4 Writing fiction takes too much time, compared to prose. Articles good, fiction bad, to misquote George Orwell.

5 Fiction doesn’t stand much chance of getting published, right?

6 Plotting is just too darn hard at the best of times.

7 Reading is just so easy by comparison…

High-concept story

8 …as is the feeling that everyone else’s writing is sparkling and high-concept. Take When You Reach Me by Rebecca Stead. My brain’s still whirring like a Catherine wheel from that.

9 Interruption during my fiction-hour is harder to endure than when editing someone’s appalling prose.

10 Fiction in the form of novels requires yet more hard work to promote it. The end is never ever in sight.

But YAY! It’s okay, because today was an editing day anyway – the journal I edit comes along as regularly as rain in mid summer and I like editing. So this will lift my mood and send me cheerily on my way next week. Life’s helpful like that really.

I suppose I could migrate to children’s non-fiction for happy interludes. There’s excellent advice on this over at Dragontongue, a website written by a group of children’s authors in Wales. Have a look at their Nuts and Bolts post.

And there’s An Awfully Big Blog Adventure’s online Lit Fest about to start this weekend. That will keep me at the computer, for sure!


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