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Posted: June 5, 2011 in Uncategorized
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In the last post, I promised to continue about Egmont. Well, not Egmont exactly but about those publishers gleaned from the 2011 Children’s Artists’ and Writers’ Yearbook who will take unagented submissions in some form or other.

You really have to sort this one out for yourself to tailor the list to your requirements, but to give you a helping hand, I’ve uploaded a Word doc with a selection of these publishers who are relevant to me. You could start your own chart on that outline and add or delete at will.

At the moment, I’m consulting and redrafting a few picture books/early readers. It seems that I’m happiest working on a few things at the same time. That’s because I need thinking time between making alterations. And, as I mentioned before, I am also redrafting some aspects of my 7-9 children’s book.

One thing I’m struggling with is exhaustion, probably due to the recent four months of stress around my mother’s illness, so I’m hopeful this will wear off soon and I’ll miraculously rediscover my normal energetic wonderful self, juggling jobs and writing with flair!

In the meantime, as I was browsing, I found Harold Underdown’s The Purple Crayon site, which is full of information to help with writing and thinking. And in terms of bearing in mind layout and illustration, I visited all sorts of design sites relevant to children’picture books. For those of you with leanings towards the art side, have a look at Mark Mitchell’s site.

A book I’ve found invaluable for backing up my picture book writing is Illustrating Children’s Books: Creating Pictures for Publication by Martin Salisbury. I do think writers need to see the whole picture so that they can make their words work with the rest of the package. Just like children expect. Just like Egmont expects!

  1. Hi Eleanor, Hope you have more energy again soon. I also like to jump between a few projects at a time to give me some thinking space in between each one.


    • Thanks! I’m up at 7am writing so your wish must have reached me overnight! The early sun does cause trouble in summer where I live but I can always have a kip later and I’m just working on the first chapter of the 7-9s book redraft, full of verve for a while. Hope your own work is progressing too. Winter down your way?!


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