Happy Mother’s Day…

Posted: April 3, 2011 in thoughts

…to all my fellow writers who juggle their trade (or, like me, did do so) with bringing up children.

When mine were tiny I started out writing a handful of articles and craft pieces for The Brownie, a few so-called true stories marketed as “confessions” for Romance magazine (someone please assure me they aren’t still around) and writing puzzles and crosswords for anyone who would pay me. A large number went to Keesing’s Word Search; sadly, they now use a computer instead of my brain.

All this early activity brought in dosh when life’s extras were a bit beyond the purse. And from there, I branched into proper magazines and newspapers with articles and features – I became a fully-fledged writer.

I’ve had lovely cards today from my grown-up kids – they move me to tears with the nice things they say about me. So here, I want to say a huge thank you to them, and sorry for the times I was writing and thinking when I should have been playing hide-and-seek or washing nappies. I owe to them much of my success, my fun and my fulfilment.

This particular true confession makes me laugh – I had three under three already. Proves they were totally fabricated!

If you’re reading this and have kids, I hope yours are playing ball too, metaphorically and literally, to allow you to work on.


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