When woolly mammoths strike

Posted: February 17, 2011 in process
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I need a really good new idea for my World Book Day visit.

You might be wondering why I would agree to go if this is such a dilemma. Thing is, I was there last year and sold loads of Lothian Dragon books to their Years 5 and 6. And I was there again in the summer term working with their book club. So naturally I agreed to go this year to work with Year 3. Only thing is, they’ve got a theme, apparently, which wasn’t disclosed to me before I’d agreed! And it’s not dragons or pumpkins or my usual stuff based on books I have written…

So OK, you say. Authors are good at dreaming up ideas. Shouldn’t be a problem. And I do have lots of them – though mostly for writing up as stories. (Once, when I was on antidepressants I had so many great ideas that people simply referred others to me whenever they needed a good one.)

And as an ex teacher, there’s no problem with working with the kids. I feel at home the minute I walk into any school. I had the most fabulous time at Framwellgate Moor Primary last week, for example, and am looking forward to revisiting South Shields.

I guess I just don’t know what is the best things to do with these particular children this year, to inspire them the most and give them the very best time – whilst working within the school’s theme.

Maybe I should toss a coin (OK, so I’ve recently finished Nicola Morgan’s fabulous YA novel, Wasted and tossing a coin features heavily). The alternative is to put the project to one side till the last minute – ie 11.59pm on 2nd March – when something will surely seem exactly right. It’s amazing what the brain does when faced with deadlines. I think it harks back to woolly mammoths and fight/flight stuff. You don’t wonder which way to run – you just know…

Aah – a glimmer of an idea on the horizon: their theme is Jurassic… See ya!


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