One of my ongoing nightmares is that I will never manage to dream up a decent title for the children’s novel I’m currently writing.

I always read the book review sections in the weekend papers. Finding out about new books appears to be one of my addictions  – though my wallet would prefer me not to feed it, and my bookshelves heave at the thought of even more tomes.

Anyway, to the point. This weekend, in The Times, Erica Wagner was reviewing the hottest new reads of 2011. I can’t give you the web link, as it hides behind a pay wall these days.

But what grabbed my attention was that the debut novels section included some brilliant titles:

When God was a Rabbit
The Tiger’s Wife
Song of Achilles
Leela’s Book
The Night Circus
Tides of War

The first is a puzzle. The second is unimaginable. The third lures like a myth. The fourth makes me wonder what’s special about her book. As for the fifth, who among us can resist a  dark night with its mystery and subtlety? And link that to the pretense and grandeur of a circus, well it just has to be read, doesn’t it? Lastly, tides and war are both strong and ungovernable, a rich source of story.

Sigh, sigh, sigh again…

Never mind. There’s still time to revise the title of my book, tentatively named Kipper’s Pride. It started off as The Krasniewski Case – not too good either – and may need to metamorphose again. Definitely before I get to York, that’s for sure. I’m presenting it to some very interesting people. And after all, those fabulously alluring titles might have been what clinched the deal for their authors.


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